"You have made a huge difference in my communication skills with men. You are obviously very experienced in relationship issues. The book was  simple and facinating. I will gladly recommend your book and services to all I know who need relationship advice. Keep up the good work!"
  1. -Susan 42, Washington D.C.

(In a Long Term Relationship)

I wish I ‘d read this book in High School! Where were you then Mr. Monroe!
  1. -Katie 24, San Francisco, CA

(Engaged 2009)

”I was able to understand him so much better and know where he is coming from.  Decoding the Male Mind helped me relax and not get stressed out.  It changed everything for me.”
  1. -Cheryl 36, New York, NY

(Married 2008)

"I was embarrassed at first but this book rocks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
  1. -Jennifer 30, Miami, FL

(Brand New Serious Relationship)

"I had given up on finding a man. After reading this book. I found my perfect guy.  I gave it to my single girlfriend and now she’s using it. Thank you."
  1. -Casandra 33, New Orleans, LA

(Married 2009)


Decoding the Male Mind was written for women from the perspective of men. The author gives you an accurate and detailed picture into the minds of men.

Where to Find Him: Decoding the Male Mind tells you where to find your soulmate. If you have not been successful in the past in meeting someone who is compatible with you, the book gives you strategies to change your approach.

How to Meet Him: Nervous about meeting him? Men like to approach women. It is what they are most comfortable with. How can you get him to come to you? The fact is, the more a man is attracted to you, the less likely he is to approach you. This is because the more emotionally invested he is, the more he will want to avoid rejection. It is important that he feel compelled to speak with you. Decoding the Male Mind tells you how to increase the likelihood of being asked out every time.

The Best Way to Date Him: What do you do on the first date? How do you know that you will get a second date if you want to see him again? This has more to do with with what you do, rather than who you are. Being confident about who you are is biggest source of attraction for men. Showing confidence is even more important than being confident.

How to Be Happy With Him: What got you into the relationship is not what keeps you in the relationship. For him, great sex is an important part, but not the most important part of a healthy relationship. The relationship dynamics change once you two are committed to each other. Being happy and keeping your partner happy takes entirely different skills than the ones you used to get you into the relationship.

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